Luminous Power Technologies Joins Forces with Energy Swaraj Foundation and India’s Solar Man to drive climate correction initiatives

New Delhi: In a proactive step towards combating climate challenges, Luminous Power Technologies, India’s leading energy solutions company, has joined forces with the Energy Swaraj Foundation in promoting clean energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The collaboration aims to drive climate correction initiatives and support India’s journey toward net-zero emissions. 

Luminous has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Energy Swaraj Foundation. The MOU was signed by Preeti Bajaj, CEO & MD of Luminous Power Technologies, and Professor Chetan Singh Solanki, Founder of the Energy Swaraj Foundation, also known as the “Solar Man of India.’’

In the first stage of this partnership, Luminous has extended support to the Energy Swaraj Foundation’s “Wrinkles Achhe Hain” campaign. This initiative encourages people to wear non-ironed clothes on Mondays to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon footprint. Led by Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki, the campaign invites individuals and organizations to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions related to ironing clothes.

With the launch of the partnership around World Environment Day, Luminous strengthens its commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and raising awareness about the collective responsibility we all share in mitigating the effects of climate change. Through this collaboration, Luminous and the Energy Swaraj Foundation will champion community awareness, and energy efficiency education, and contribute to achieving net-zero emissions targets. 

Shikha Gupta, Chief Human Resource Officer at Luminous, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “At Luminous, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footprint. Our partnership with the Energy Swaraj Foundation and the ‘Wrinkles Achhe Hain’ campaign aligns perfectly with our broader efforts to drive climate correction initiatives and support India’s journey towards net-zero emissions. By encouraging a simple behaviour change, we aim to empower individuals to make a meaningful difference in preserving our planet for future generations.”

Professor Chetan Singh Solanki, Founder of the Energy Swaraj Foundation said, “I am very happy that a leading solar company like Luminous Power Technologies has joined Energy Swaraj Foundation in Action for Climate Correction and hope this will help in speeding the restoration of the environment.”

Taking a big leap towards strengthening its sustainability and solar endeavours, Luminous Power Technologies has recently inaugurated the Solar Panel Factory in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. Contributing to becoming a catalyst for positive change, the initiative is aligned with the solar vision and sustainability objectives of the nation as outlined by the Hon’ble Prime Minister during the landmark launch of ‘PM Suryodaya Yojana’. Equipped with the latest advancements in solar panel manufacturing, the facility boasts of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure designed to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Luminous has also undertaken several other initiatives to promote environmental conservation, such as Project LIFE (Luminous Initiatives For Environment), which addresses issues like deforestation, climate change mitigation, and ecosystem restoration through tree plantation drives and other eco-friendly measures. Luminous also prioritises circularity by promoting the reduction of e-waste and encouraging sustainable manufacturing practices. The company has adopted sustainable packaging solutions, minimised single-use plastics, and maximised the use of recycled water in its manufacturing processes. 

About Luminous Power Technologies:
Luminous Power Technologies is a powerful and trustworthy brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup and residential solar space that covers inverters Batteries and solar solutions. Luminous has been in business for 35 years now. Recently CRISIL has upgraded its credit rating to AAA+. With 7 manufacturing units, more than 28 sales offices in India, and a presence in over 40 countries, our 6000 employees serve more than 100,000 channel partners and millions of customers. Our motto has always been Customer Delight through Innovation and passion with a focus on Execution & teamwork.