Banks have been controlling you for ages

Banks have been controlling the American people for a very long time, but there is now a new way to take control of your banking. This is by investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and anonymous. They are not controlled by banks and that eliminates the middle man. Investing in cryptocurrencies offers an exciting opportunity for people who want to be their own banks, who want to avoid fees, and who want to avoid high levels of risk.

Banks were the first to create a monopoly for the benefit of their upper class. A century later, banks are still at the helm of society’s economy and they have a lot to answer for. Banks are a big part of the economy. Without banks, our lives would be very different. They provide us with loans and help us save money for future expenses. However, there is a covert part of the banking system where banks are controlling their customers through various fees and interest rates.

Banks were originally created to provide secure holding for money. They are now the control centres of society. With their ability to manipulate currency, they have been able to control the economy and make or break businesses. Banks have also been proven to be a major factor in the large debt crisis that is happening right now. 

They’ve been controlling you by controlling the information you know and don’t know. Your entire life they’ve been putting themselves in charge of your savings, investments, and knowing when to take them away. The Federal Reserve is just as bad, it controls a life-or-death factor that could destroy your finances or make them grow. Banks and the Federal Reserve are not actually saving people, they’re only saving banks.

Banks have been controlling you for ages, but the tide is turning. Now you can bank your own money and get out from under the thumb of banks to start your own financial services company.