Rohit Sahu, Founder of Institute Of NEET – THE DOCTOR FACTORY: Revolutionizing NEET Preparation with Unmatched Success of 80-90% Selections Every Year.

“No student walking through my doors will leave without securing a government medical seat!” said Rohit Sahu, a 25-year-old visionary in the field of NEET coaching. As the founder of “Institute of NEET,” also known as THE DOCTOR FACTORY, Sahu has revolutionized the way NEET aspirants prepare for one of India’s most challenging entrance exams. With a unique approach and an unparalleled commitment to his students, he has set a new standard in the industry, boasting a remarkable success rate of over 80-90% selections each year.

Founding The Institute Of NEET

After leaving several renowned coaching institutes in Mumbai, Sahu founded the Institute of NEET – THE DOCTOR FACTORY with a clear vision: to provide comprehensive and personalized coaching that guarantees success. Unlike other major coaching centers that rely on multiple teachers for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Sahu’s ability to teach these subjects effectively has been a game-changer for his students. His in-depth knowledge and teaching skills ensure that students develop a strong understanding of each subject, which is crucial for cracking the NEET exam.

Sahu’s Story and His Vision

Rohit Sahu’s journey with NEET began in 2014 when he was an aspirant himself. His experiences as a student laid the foundation to counter  the challenges faced by NEET candidates. Transitioning from a student to a teacher and mentor, Sahu has guided numerous students to secure admissions in top medical colleges like AIIMS-Nagpur, KEM, JJ, and many more year after year

“My sole aspiration is that every diligent and dedicated student who walks through my doors leaves with a coveted seat in a government medical college. This dream is fueled by the challenges and experiences I encountered due to the absence of the right teacher during my own NEET preparation journey,” said Rohit Sahu. “I promise to continue providing the best and most focused journey to every NEET aspirant, unlike any other coaching institute in India.” 

Exceptional Track Record 

The impressive track record of The Doctor Factory speaks volumes about its effectiveness. For the past seven years, the institute has produced more than 80-90% doctors every year. This success rate is unparalleled in the industry and highlights Sahu’s exceptional teaching and mentorship. His holistic approach and personal dedication have transformed the lives of many students.

Bharosa Batch:

“The Bharosa Batch was a fantastic experience. I was studying at a very reputed coaching institute of Kota but no teacher could match what Rohit sir alone delivered. This Batch is the best thing for people who have already paid heaps of money elsewhere and still feel the need of additional support. Despite being an online program, the quality of teaching and the level of support were exceptional, so much better than what we see on YouTube. The interactive sessions and doubt-clearing classes were incredibly helpful. Thanks to him, I secured a seat at JJ Medical College.” – Nidhi Jain, student of Bharosa Batch 2023.

“ION’s Bharosa Batch provided me with the best online learning experience. The structured curriculum, regular assessments, and personalized feedback made all the difference. Rohit sir’s dedication ensured that I stayed motivated and on track. I am now a proud student of KEM, all thanks to ION.”- Vikram Raut, student of Bharosa Batch 2022.

AIIMS Selection Batch: 

“The AIIMS Selection Batch at ION provided me with a structured and focused approach towards my NEET preparation. The 2 year program allowed me to get a thorough understanding of the said syllabus in the first year itself and then further master the practice and mock tests during the second year. This approach not only helped me clear NEET but also secure a seat in the prestigious AIIMS- Nagpur. I am grateful to ION and Rohit Sir for his guidance and support throughout the journey.” – Siddharth Joshi, student of  AIIMS Selection Batch 2023.

Selection Express Batch:

“The Selection Express Batch at ION was a game-changer for me. As a Class 12th student aiming to crack NEET, this one-year program provided me with comprehensive preparation covering every aspect of the exam. The focus on questions guaranteed to appear in NEET helped me gain confidence and excel in the exam. I owe my success to Rohit Sir and his smart teaching at ION. Joining the Selection Express Batch was one of the best decisions I made for my NEET preparation.” – Priya Mehta, student of Selection Express Batch 2023.

Unmatched Mentorship and Support

One of the unique aspects of The Institute Of NEET is Sahu’s 24/7 availability for his students. He understands that NEET preparation can be stressful, and students often need guidance/support at any time of the day. By being available round-the-clock, Sahu provides his students with the confidence and motivation they need to excel in their preparation.

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