Overweight and Obesity major concern for US gov

In an effort to combat the growing epidemic of overweight and obesity, the US government has made it a priority to take measures that would help reduce the rates of these health problems. In 2016, the White House released a strategic plan for combating obesity in America, which includes steps such as increasing federal activity around healthy foods, providing more access to community-based programs, and developing new policy initiatives.

An alarming 2 in 3 adults in the US are considered obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Experts say that obesity is responsible for close to 300,000 deaths a year, even though only 10 percent of Americans are obese.

The United States is experiencing an obesity epidemic with one in three adults being obese. There has been a 17% rise in overweight and obese children from 2000 to 2013.The diversity of diets affects the incidence of obesity and vice versa.

The obesogenic environment has led to a condition where obesity is considered the new normal. The fat rate only continues to rise and it is the second leading cause of death in America with more than 300,000 deaths per year. Overweight and Obesity are major public health concerns in the United States. The prevalence of obesity is rising at a rapid rate, with many people struggling to stay healthy. This rise in fat has become an issue for the healthcare system as well due to increased healthcare costs and for society because of decreased productivity as a result of medical complications. Those who have not been able to lose weight through diet and exercise should consult with their doctors before beginning any new lifestyle changes or medications.

Fat is a major concern to the government because it’s costing taxpayers $147 billion each year. The health of the nation’s children has been put in jeopardy and obesity rates are on the rise. The government is concerned that giving people easy access to sugary drinks and snacks will lead to more people becoming overweight.